Official Statement of MND
17th March 2021

MND Press release

      The Ministry of National Defence announces that certain articles of the military pension code are being revised in order to allow several categories of former military personnel to have their files submitted to the services of the Ministry of National Defence examined and regularised. It includes the article allowing the extension of the time limits for appeals and the article allowing the creation of a supplementary disability pension for military personnel to whom the medical expertise commission attributes a level of disability related to service.

      In addition, and with regard to the results achieved so far, in terms of the study of files submitted to the Ministry of National Defence for examination and regularisation, for the benefit of the various categories of former soldiers, the number of files received amounts to 288,079, distributed as follows:
  • The files of military personnel removed from the ranks for physical incapacity not related to the service, 37 181 files, of which 8 975 have been accepted to date;
  • The files of retired military personnel not receiving a disability pension, 171 059 files, of which 5 684 have been accepted to date;
  • The files of military personnel struck off for end of contract and disciplinary measures, 80 739 files, of which 1 200 have been accepted to date;
      Thus, the number of files regularised since January 2021 to date has reached 15 859 files, and the operation is still ongoing.

      To this end, the Ministry of National Defence, which pays particular attention to the regularisation of files and the monitoring of the situation of all categories of military personnel, and in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defence, affirms that its services are working permanently and at an accelerated pace to process and decide on the maximum number of files submitted, as soon as possible.


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