History of the People's National Army

Training within PNA
    Training and qualification of the human element are the cornerstones of any development, therefore the interest that People's National Army accorded in training is not new, and represents an inherent and rooted, inherited from the National Liberation Army which, despite a tangible lack of means and reduced capacities, allowed crucial importance to train during the liberation revolution, during which pilots and engineers were graduated, long before the recovery of our national sovereignty.


    Training within People's National Army worthy heir of the National Liberation Army, is the foundation of a modern defence edifice, and this field has known, since independence until today, several phases reforms in line with our capabilities and with the particularities of our military doctrine; as a result, eminent progress has been made in the professionalism and mastery of modern military technologies.

    Thus, the period between1962-1975 was characterized by the creation of the Military Combined Arms Academy, schools of arms, training centres and Revolution’s Cadets Schools. It should be noted that the institutionalization of the national service in 1968 leads the way to a new dynamic within People’s National Army, by the contribution of appreciable human skills for the accomplishment of the missions of defence and national interest.


    During the period between1976-1983, the taking in charge of training in all its aspects became the main interest of PNA High Command, particularly in the updating of combat preparation and training programs, as well the development of methodologies for the programs use and the launching of improvement courses, the staff courses and the higher arms courses. About the regulatory level, this period saw the development of basic texts governing the training profiles of officers, non-commissioned officers and non-commissioned members.

    The period 1984-1991 was characterized, mainly, by the restructuring of PNA, in terms of training; so, there was the dissolution of the Direction of the instruction and its replacement by the Office of the military Teachings of the Staff of People's National Army, the creation of high schools of Arms (Naval Forces, Air Force, Territory Air Defence Forces) and the dissolution of the National Revolution’s Cadets Schools.
    From 1992 to 2005, the security situation in the country, marked by the total involvement of People's National Army in the fight against terrorism, resulted in the adaptation of training programs within schools and instruction centres to the operations of the fight against terrorism. In addition, this period saw the decentralization of training for the benefit of Forces Commands, Departments and Central Directions and the creation of application schools of arms and the National Preparatory School for Engineering Studies (ENPEI).

    The period from 2005 to nowadays was distinguished by a qualitative improvement in training, the adaptation of the training apparatus of PNA to new current requirements, in particular, by raising several schools of applications into high schools and by the creation of the School of Communication and Information in September 2017 in the 1st Military Region; in addition, this qualitative improvement in training was materialized through the great importance given, firstly, to the human resources, in terms of formation and training, in accordance with the modern procedures and programs, and secondly, by constantly integrating modern and efficient tools as well as a regularly developed material and technical base.


    Training has always been, and will always be, the locomotive for the development of our armed forces; great efforts are constantly deployed in this field and at all levels, and the High Command of the PNA continually watches over the improvement of the level of education, training and preparation of the elements through, the strengthening of the educational base of schools and training centres, in order to be in tune with modern armies and also by the adaptation of our training system leading the way to the modernization, in accordance with the current and the future challenges.

Cadets of the Nation
    At the independence, and in order to follow the way and to consolidate cohesion between the army and its popular depth in all the regions of the country, the High Command of People's National Army invested in the rich human potential imbued with national values, composed mainly of sons of martyrs and mujahideen; they were intended to be the cornerstone in the construction of a young Algeria.

    Thus, were born the Revolution’s Cadets Schools in May 1963, to form a source which will supply the various structures of the Algerian State with hundreds, even thousands of qualified executives, before this model of schools was abandoned in 1986.

    22 years after this decision. And in order to consolidate the path of modernization and professionalization of People’s National Army, the High Command decided the creation of the Nation’s Cadets Schools on 26th October 2008, reviving, at the same time, the mode of training of the Revolution’s Cadets Schools as well as the methods of preselecting the young human element with multiple talents, which has proven its effectiveness in strengthening the ranks of People's National Army, worthy heiress of the National Liberation Army, by the skills required in all areas of military activity.

    The Cadets of Nation secondary school in Oran during the 2009-2010 school years.


    And in concretization of this relevant policy, the High Command of the People’s National Army attached a capital importance to this orientation, which generated, in record time, the opening of three (03) secondary schools, Boys and girls, in Oran, Blida and Setif, as well as seven (07) middle schools in Bechar, Laghouat, Batna, Bejaia, Tamanrasset, M'sila and Tiaret.

    These educational and pedagogical fortresses represent an invaluable asset for People's National Army and a crucial step forward professionalism; these schools are responsible for ensuring a high-level educational framework for the cadets, taking into account the importance of the human and material resources deployed to meet all the conditions for success, which are reflected in the brilliant results obtained by the cadets, middle or high school; admirable results for a prestigious and promising future to the country and to People's National Army, which will benefit from the best of these human energies and this future elite of engineers, pilots, doctors and sailors who will consolidate the different forces commands and the directions as undeniable support.


    The efforts that People's National Army has provided to ensure the success of the Nation's Cadets Schools have generated an inexhaustible source of elites who have received training that certainly meets the requirements of today's world, training which combines the assimilation of modern knowledge with the national values of our glorious revolution to concretize the quote: "Cadets Schools: Knowledge.. Fidelity.. Discipline"..