History of the People's National Army

Woman in the Army

    Since the ancient times, Algerian women have been at the heart of the transformations that our country has known, they have engraved their names in golden letters and left an indelible imprint at each stage of our history; unforgettable forever, their names are still shining brightly today; distinguished, strong and tenacious, they braved all dangers and sacrificed their lives for one and only goal, the homeland.

    The Algerian woman, witness to the events that our country has undergone, participated with greatness in the course of Algeria; she strongly opposed the occupation of her country and fought relentlessly against the persecution of colonialism during popular resistances, and also as Mujahidates during the glorious liberation revolution, during which she assumed the most painful responsibilities and performed the most dangerous missions; a true activist, she represented considerable potential and inexhaustible resource for the revolution, and despite being a victim of the bestial practices and abuses of the colonizer, the Algerian woman whose actions will remain indelible, held a heroic role that the Soumam conference praised on 20th August 1956: "We greet with admiration and respect the revolutionary courage shown by our young daughters, women, mothers and wives and the example set by our sisters Mujahidates who actively participate, often weapon in hand, in the sacred fight for the liberation of the homeland”.


    Over time other, heroines took up the torch, during the independent Algeria, they continued in their turn the March, motivated by the faith, the will and the determination, and helped to build the country and to face all crises and adversities, especially during the years of the fight against terrorism, while continuing to play their crucial role which is the education and training of the children of the homeland, instilling in them the principles and values of our society and permeating them with our collective memory and our national identity.

    The Algerian woman has already proved her competence and her aptitude in different sectors by integrating herself in all professions, particularly in the field of national defence, when People’s National Army opened wide the doors to her to allow her to exercise her role, which is nothing other than a natural extension of the role of our mothers during the glorious liberation revolution; indeed the Algerian woman knew how to find her place beside of her brother, the man, to contribute to the development and the modernization of People’s National Army, proving her merit, her perseverance and her engagement in the noble mission which is defending the country and its territorial and popular unity.

    Today, this same fervour is observed in our daughters, the Cadets of the Nation, motivated and eager to serve their country and their army and aspiring to honour the sacrifices of their predecessors whose heroism remains, over the time, an example and a teaching for all Algerian girls, generation after generation.

International military cooperation
    An integral part of the external policy of the Algerian State, international military cooperation is set within the framework of the guidelines defined by it. The main objective expected within this framework aims to establish and to maintain peace and good neighbourly relations with all the components of the international community united around the common ideals to all of humanity.

    Thus, in this context, the principles of searching and promoting of peace, of the fundamental right of peoples to freedom, of political stability, of dialogue and peaceful resolution, reasoned and fair of conflicts and litigations between states; These are the principles that Algeria defends with strength and determination, particularly at international meetings such as the United Nations and the African Union.

    The transnational character of the new threats requires regional and international cooperation to face them.

    In this regard, People's National Army maintains bilateral cooperation relations with the armies of many brother and friendly countries, in order to gather and to promote the knowledge exchange and exploring the possibilities of mutually beneficial cooperation.

    At the multilateral level, Algeria is a member of the Joint Operational Staff Committee created on 21st April 2010, which brings together Algeria, Mali, Mauritania and Niger; Algeria is also a very active member in the 5+5 defence initiative which aims to strengthen security and stability in the western Mediterranean basin, as well as in the NATO Mediterranean dialogue since 2000;

    On the African continent, Algeria is an important member of the African Union and contributes to military cooperation through the African Peace and Security Council, and has participated on several occasions, at the request and under the supervision of the United Nations and the African Union, for peace missions, notably in the Congo, during the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia, in Darfur, in Angola, in Burundi as well as in Cambodia and Haiti.

    Concerning the fight against terrorism, the experience of Algeria is recognized and appreciated; it’s manifested into a special attention paid by the international community in his field, predisposed to take advantage of Algerian expertise, in order to combat, circumscribe and annihilate this devastating scourge.

Contribution of the Army in the consolidation of the solidarity values
    The role of the People's National Army went beyond building and defending the country; it also consisted on the participation in the demonstrations of solidarity during the various crises, calamities and natural disasters that struck our country, like its participation during the earthquake in the region of El asnam (currently Chlef) on 10th October 1980, the earthquake in Ain Temouchent in 1999, the Bab El Oued floods, on 10th November 2001, the earthquake of Boumerdes in 2003 as well as during the floods in Ghardaia in 2008;



    Moreover, People's National Army has actively participated in the opening up the areas affected by heavy snowfall, whenever the need arose; it also has made a great contribution in the support of the national effort in the fight against the pandemic of the Corona virus.

    People's National Army has been, is and will always be present, alongside its people, in every crisis or adversity that Algeria goes through.


    Thus, the People’s National Army motivated by the responsibility spirit coming from its deep belief in the sacredness of the relation which binds it to its people, its duty derives from the depths of its being because with the people, they constitute one and single entity which strengthens and consolidates facing hard trials, a duty dictated by the deep ties between the people and their army, which continue to deepen and complement each other.