October 31st 2021

Celebration of the 67th anniversary of the Glorious War of National Liberation

     Within the framework of the commemorative festivities of the 67th anniversary of the glorious war of national liberation of the November 1st 1954, the Major General Mahmoud LARABA, Air Force Commander, presided on October 31st 2021 at the Headquarters of the Air Force Command "Chahid AIT HAMMOUDA Amirouche" in presence of the invited executives, the traditional ceremony of ranks promotion and medals awarding for the military staff and to the prize winner of sport and cultural competition.



     During the ceremony, the Air Force Commander congratulated the promoted staff, urged them to provide great efforts to accomplish the assigned missions with rigor and professionalism in order to achieve the fixed objectives.



     At midnight, the Major General Mahmoud LARABA presided the ceremony of raised up the national colors in the presence of all military staff of the central portion, the Headquarters and the Cheraga Secondary Air Base of Deployment / 1st M.R.


     On November 1st 2021, a dinner was offered by the Air Force Commander to the staff of the Air Force Command.


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