Air Forces Missions

General missions

  •  Taking part in defence of national air space;
  •  Monitoring and protection of its approaches;
  •  Activities of electronic warfare;
  •  Evaluation of the threat;
  •  Close and distant support of forces;
  •  Air covering of forces;
  •  Support of forces in matter of air transport.

Particular missions

  •  Elaborates the use of doctrine of force;
  •  Ensures the operational availability of the air force;
  •  Takes part in the working out of defence plans with the staff of the ANP and the other Forces Commands;
  •  Training of air force;
  •  Development and modernisation of the air force.

Other missions

  •  Ensures the recruiting, the training and the management of the Air Force staff;
  •  Organizes and ensures technical and logistic support of the Air force;
  •  Manages and controls the Air Force means;
  •  Participates in the research and rescue operations (humanitarian missions).