The Major General Mahmoud LARABA
Air Force Commander

    The Major General Mahmoud LARABA was born in the Wilaya of Constantine on October 15th, 1945, and was incorporated in the People's National Army in February 14, 1963 at the age of 17 and a half years.

    He has followed several trainings and machine qualifications in Algeria, Russia, France and USA:

Master: Engineering and Maintenance (USA).

License Flight Engineer:

  • Turbo Prop (USSR);
  • Turbo Jet (USA).
Machines Qualifications:
  • Iliouchine 14 (USSR);
  • Antonov 12B (USSR);
  • Iliouchine 18 (USSR);
  • Beechcraft BE 100 (Algeria);
  • Beechcraft BE 200 (France);
  • Falcon 20 (France);
  • Falcon 900 (France);
  • Gulfstream G-III (USA);
  • Boeing 727(USA);
  • Gulfstream G-IV (USA);
  • Gulfstream G-V (USA).
Languages:Higher course in English language (England).

He assumed the following functions within the Air Force:

  • Technical and Administrative Manager/GLAM at the Boufarik Air Base Lieutenant BOUGUESSA Abdelkrim/1st Military Region;
  • Boufarik Lieutenant BOUGUESSA Abdelkrim Air Base Commander/1st Military Region.

    Since July 18th, 2020 he is holding the position of Air Force Commander.

    He was promoted to the rank of General on July 05th, 2006.

    He was promoted to the rank of Major General on July 05th, 2011.

    Major General LARABA Mahmoud was decorated with the Medal of the People's National Army 1st, 2nd and 3rd chevron, with the Medal of participation of the People's National Army In the two wars of the Middle East in 1967 and 1973, with the military merit Medal and with the Medal of Honor.

    He is married and father of 04 children.