Establishment of Renovation of Aeronautical Materials Chahid ABDELAZIZ Sid Ahmed /1st MR


Adress:BP-142 Mohamed Khemisti Avenue, 16100, Dar El Beida–Algiers Algeria.

Phone: +213 21 50 69 04/05

Fax: +213 21 50 68 86


The establishment missions

  • Overhaul, repair and modernization of aeronautical materials;
  • Manufacture of accessories, articles and components necessary to achieve its activity ;
  • Conduct all studies in relation to its object;
  • Make any contribution deemed useful by the supervisory authority to the implementation of an aviation industry;
  • Provide all services likely to make profitable its technical, industrial and/or commercial potentialities.

Products and/or services offered

1-Unit of the industriel manufactory

  • Common manufacture and carpentry;
  • Aeronautical parts manufacture;
  • Manufacture of aeronautical flexible elastomer and on PTFE;
  • Vulcanization, Manufacture of the joints, membranes, bellows;
  • Surface and thermics treatment.


  • Metrology of pressure and force;
  • Mechanical tests;
  • Electric metrology;
  • Non destructive control;
  • Engine oils, lubricants and fuels testing ;
  • Quality control of elastomers (Gums, caoutchouc);
  • Control of surface treatments electrolyts;
  • glue / adhesive Control;
  • putty Control;
  • Spectral analysis of metals;
  • Spectral analysis of oils.