National School of the Aeronautics Technicians Chahid BEN KERT Mohamed/ Blida/ 1st MR


   In the origin, the school was a colonial air base acting as place of transit for the military staff and aircrafts.

  • 1964: Opening of the air base for the first Algerian fighters and bombers.
  • 1965: Transformation of the air base into Technical School of Aeronautics for the training of the non-commissionned officers technicians of the Algerian aviation.
  • 1968:Come out of the first promotion of non-commissionned officers technicians.
  • 1970: Creation of the Aeronautic Technical School 'E.T.A' by presidential decree (01-06-1970).
  • 1971:The E.T.A becomes the National School of the Aeronautics Technicians.

Life in the school:

   National School of the Aeronautics Technicians is situated in center of Blida at 50 Km from west of Algiers , which composes all necessary commodities to the students in the exercise of their daily activities :

  • Library;
  • Room of movies;
  • Movies in full air;
  • Boardroom;
  • Room of music;
  • Sport Complex;
  • Hostel.


1. The fundamental training of non-commissionned officers technicians students in following specialities:

  • Aeronautics technic;
  • Military administration;
  • Materials and infrastructures management.

2. The retraining and the parfection of the personals technicians of aeronautics.

3. The recruitment and selection of non-commissionned officers of Air Forces Command.