The School of Specialization on Helicopters Chahid BALA Touhami/ Ain Arnat/5th MR


  • 1963, the airport of Aïn - Arnat sheltered several units of Algerian Land Force, then reconverted in center of instruction for the training of the staff to the Land Force profit.
  • 1982, the first aeronautic embryo has been put in place, and in 1984 was created the platform by decree in 08/08/1984.
  • Created in 1987, the School of Specialization on Helicopters of Aïn - Arnat started its training activities in 1989.
  • 1991, the platform of Aïn - Arnat has been reconverted in stopover base by decree in 08/08/1991, in order to ensure the support of the school.

Since then, it contributed to the training of more than 1000 pilots of which about hundred instructors in flight. It also participates in the training of specialists on flight simulators and the technical staff continuing education.


  • Fundamental training of helicopters pilots ;
  • Reconversion of aircrafts pilots on helicopters;
  • Preparation of the fight of the crews and monitors;
  • Monitors training;
  • Preparation of crews;
  • Provide continuing education of the staffs;