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The Military Academy of Cherchell is the core of the military training of the Popular National Army. Since its creation, this important institution doesn't stop providing professional officers to the Popular National Army.
It offers the opportunity to the cadets officers and training officers, to acquire the indispensable military ethics to their careers.
Elle a contribué aussi à la formation de cadres africains et arabes dont certains occupent des postes de responsabilité dans leur pays.


The Military Academy is located in Cherchell. A tourist coastal city, located 100 km west of the capital Algiers.
The city was founded by the Phoenicians 12 centuries BC and then called « IOL». Later, the Algerian Numidian King JUBA II made it the capital of his kingdom in 25 BC and then gave it the name of CESAREE.
In the year 431, it was destroyed by vandals, then rebuilt and expanded with the advent of Islam. Finally, it takes the name Cherchell thanks to the water sources existing in the region.
Under the Spanish occupation, the brothers Kheir-Eddine reconquered the city by defeating King Charles Quint in 1541, during a naval battle. From March 5th, 1840, Cherchell undergoes the French occupation.
In our days, Cherchell is a distinguished archaeological and historical city.


It is in 1940, and after the occupation of Paris by the Germans, that the French authorities decide to create a military school in Algeria to provide to the needs in officers of their army. It becomes operational since 1943. Several promotions of officers and non-commissioned officers of active and reserve have been trained and this until 1962, year of the recovery of the independence of Algeria.

1st PHASE: 1963 - 1969

In June 1963, the Ministry of the National Defence transformed it in Algerian Military School under the appellation of Military School of Combined Arms (ECOLE MILITAIRE INTERARMES). Several officers descended of the ALN (National Army of Liberation) have been recycled then to face the needs led by the modernisation of the Popular National Army. Young officers descended from the direct recruitment have been trained there since 1963. Also, many officers of brother countries, Arabian, African friends as well as those belonging to many movements of liberation, followed practicum of training in this establishment.

2nd PHASE: 1969 - 1973

In 1969 following the institution of the Military National Service, the school formed several reserve officer promotions in addition to its initial mission.

3rd PHASE: 1973 - 1979

From 1973, the school dedicates itself to the training of the officers of active and to the perfection of the non commissioned officers descended of the National Liberation Army.
Since September 1974, the course of Staff intended to the officers has been instituted. Since 1978, the School introduced the improvement of the officers.

4th PHASE: 1979 - 1991

Taking into account its new missions which include the fundamental training as well as the higher training, the Military School of Combined Arms becomes since 1979 the Military Academy of Combined Arms (French acronym: A.M.I.A).
Thus since 1979, the Academy deals with the higher course of arms and the advanced course for the political commissioners. In addition, the Academy starts the « arabisation » of its training schemes.

5th PHASE: 1991 - 2007

From 1991, the Academy was attached to the Land Forces Command and is devoted to the following missions:
Higher training of the staff officers;
Fundamental training of the officer cadets to the profit of the graduates (Baccalaureate diploma);
Special training of the officer cadets for the academics.

The year 1993 was distinguished by the decentralisation of the training through the creation of the Branch Schools of arms, the Academy thus takes care of the training of its cadets according to a program based on three essential axes (Military, scientific, sport), and this for the training of the heads of the sections of the motoriszed infantry.

6th PHASE:From 2007 up to day

In order to unify the training for all the officers of the army and to prepare the ground for the university training, the Academy known during this time a new type of training relating to the fundamental training which is composed of two levels:
- Basic common military training for the cadets of the various forces and bodies of the Ministry of Defence.
- University education under the supervision of the Ministry of the Higher education and Scientific Research for the cadets of the land forces.

Since July 5th 2013, the name of the Military Academy of Combined Arms has been changed into the Military Academy of Cherchell, shown by the French Acronym A.M.C .