« The defunct president Houari Boumediene »

History of the Military Academy of Cherchell


The Military Academy of Cherchell, the defunct President Houari Boumediene, is an institution of basic training of a military, scientific, cultural and sports nature. The academy operates under the command of the First Region Military Command.

Cherchell is considred as one of the oldest cities in North Africa. it was founded by the Phoenicians at the end of the 5th century BC and they called it YOL (IOL), in the year 25 BC the Numidian King Yuba 2 made it the capital of his kingdom and called it «Mauretania Caesariensis».

On march 05, 1840 the city of cherchell fell under French occupation. After independance the city witnessed the establishment of the military school for various arms in 1963, on the same site as established by the French colonialists during world war 2.

The idea of establishing the academy dates back to the beginning of the forties of the last century by the colonial authorities. This is due to dissolution of the Saint –Cyr and Sait-Maxon schools after the German invasion of France, as well as the separation of North Africa from France due to the allied landings. In these circumstances it was required to establish a school for officers in North Africa with the aim of training the leaders of platoons and companies where several names came to be known including The Officers Training Center, and then The Students school North Africa candidates.



After the national independence and in June 1963, the Ministry of National Defence entrusted this institution with the task of rehabilitating the officers and non-commissioned officers of the National Liberation Army, as well as the training of the staff of the People's National Army, the descendants of the National Liberation Army, and prepare them for the leadership of the various units and structures.

Since its foundation, the Academy has trained many executives personnel who hold high positions in the leadership of the People's National Army. It had also at the same time formed many military personnel from Arab and African countries.