The Central Museum of the Army was created by a decree of the Ministry of National Defense n°231/SG/AZ of the 2ndof May 1984.The project was entrusted to the Direction of the Communication, the Information and the Orientation (ex: Political Commissionership), which collaborated with historians, researchers and artists.

    The National Direction of Construction (D.N.C) began the works of the Museum within the Socio-Cultural Centre of Ryadh El-Feth in November17th, 1981.The plans were designed by two architects:
  • Mr. Hocine Si- Fodil (Algerian);
  • Mr.Ahmed Ramzi (Egyptian).
    At the same time, the workshops of artists and historians were operating:
  • A historical and scientific group composed of Algerian specialists.
  • A workshop for different arts such as: sculpture, painting, ceramic and the realization of models.
  • A workshop for film productions.
  • A workshop for publishing
  • A group composed of 04 Polish sculptors, among them KONIECZKY who realised the busts of the leaders of the revolution and the statuettes of Massinissa, Abdelmoumen Ben Ali, and RaisHamidou.
  • A group of Korean artists specialized in museums, painting and ceramic.

    On the other hand, a military commission was constituted comprising the different armed forces and directions of the Ministry of National Defense. It was created in order to equip the museum with arms, munitions, uniforms, equipments and documents relevant to the liberation war.
    The companies which were in charge of the realization:
  • Canadian construction company: Lavalin
  • Fritz Patrick company
  • Technical Control Office
  • Collaborator Company: D.N.C.
    The Central Museum of the Army was inaugurated in November1st, 1984 on the occasion of the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the Algerian Revolution and to the memory of its glorious past.

Naming the Central Museum of the Army After the Late President ChadliBendjedid

    On the occasion of the 63th anniversary of the outbreak of the Revolution, the Commander of the 1st Military Region, Major General Habib Chentouf conducted, on the 29th of October 2017, the naming ceremony of the Central Museum of the Army after the Late President MoudjahidChadliBendjedid which coincided with the 33th anniversary of the inauguration of the museum by the Late President Chadli Bendjedid himself, on the 1st of November 1984.