If he is an ascendancy support or the only support of collateral, infant or disabled person, he can formulate a request for exemption on the level of the Office of the National Service of the Wilaya or at the joining Center of the National Service.

     If he is under the flags, and his family situation has changed (death of the father, the tutor or the main wage-earner), he can formulate a request for exemption on the level of his unit or his assignment service, with a file of exemption.
  • Handwritten request;
  • Certificate of family supporting (Model C27);
  • Attestation of employment;
  • Family registration card of the parents;
  • Diploma certificate Copy or school certificate of the last year;
  • Position of the brothers; towards the National Service;
  • Extract of taxes registration of the father.

    If you are member of a family victim of the National Tragedy (Brother or son deceased in the circumstances related to the National Tragedy), you can deposit a file of exemption.

     The file which must be deposited either on the Center of the National Service or on the joining office of National Service, is composed of the following documents:

  • Copy of Radiation notice of the ANP Controls or a decision of recognition as a victim of the National Tragedy.
  • Family registration card of the parents;
  • Family registration card of deceased (If he were married).
  • Certificate of desistance signed by the widow of the deceased and legalized by the services from the APC (If the deceased has sons).
  • Statement of honor testifying celibacy if the deceased person were not married, legalized by the services of the APC.