The citizens called up for the military service will be enlisted in the units according to their formation and occupational qualification in the limits of the requirements. They will be released at the end of the legal duration of the National Service.
    Each year, four (04) contingents are enlisted according to the categories of the formation and according to their educational level, they are classified either in:
  • Trainee officer of contingent (TOC), if they are titular of a university diploma of long cycle of which the duration is four (04) years at least (Degree, Engineer and more) or those titular of a LMD Degree and more;
  • Noncommissioned Officer of contingent (NCOC), If their level of studies is between the third secondary year accomplished and the fourth year of higher education not sanctioned by a diploma of long cycle including those titular of a diploma of short cycle;
  • Cadet Officers (EG), if their study level is between third middle school accomplished and the second secondary year accomplished;
  • Djoundi, in the other cases.
    The incorporation will take place:
  • 15 January ;
  • 15 May;
  • 15 September.

Important information:
    Once incorporated, they will be ruled by the military regulations and laws in force. This confers right to:
  • A military training and eventually professional according to their aptitudes;
  • A balance (monthly earnings) attached to the grade they are promoted to at the end of the military training;
  • A benefit of lodging, food, medical cares and of invalid pension in case of need;
  • The reinstatement to their original post for a period that lasts (03) months starting from their effective discharge.