Cadets of the Nation Schools

    Within the framework of the revival of the training process characterizing the Cadets of Revolution Schools, based on the early selection of young elements with multiple talents and which proved its real efficiency twenty three years ago, in the reinforcement of the People's National Army ranks, worthy follower of the National Liberation Army, with the required competences in all the military activity fields, lead to the decision to create the Cadets of the Nation Schools, on October 26th 2008, which the first Secondary School of Cadets of the Nation was opened in Oran, West of Algeria, during the school year 2009-2010.

    It is obvious that this promising training edifice will constitute "another rich source supplying our Armed Forces with an elite generation impregnated of its national and civilization values and proud of the glory of its valiant elders, serving its nation and aware of its high responsibilities" as stated the Chief of Staff of the People's National Army, Lieutenant-General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, during a speech on the occasion of the graduation ceremony at the Military Academy of Cherchell in July 2008.


    To execute this presidential decision, the People's National Army Command created the Cadets of the Nation Department, under the authority of the People's National Army Staff, invested with the mission to guarantee the good functioning of the schools and to realize the objectives defined by the Command training and providing education of fundamental and secondary levels at the same time as a paramilitary training.


    These schools are divided into three (03) secondary schools and seven (07) fundamental schools throughout the country, in order to cover the whole national territory and raising the admission chances for the youth coming from different regions of Algeria.

    Since these Schools are under the double supervision of the National Defence and the National Education Departments, the educational staff is composed of teachers from the National Education Department, and they adopt the same programs, with the same topics and the same time volume as well as the examinations and holidays schedule


    Concerning, the basic paramilitary training, besides the disciplinary and basic military behaviour aspects such as the salute and the organization, provides a civic and moral education to the Cadets which includes the sense of duty, patriotism, significance and basis of the citizenship, the spirit of the group work, tolerance, and development of their feeling of belonging to the army and the nation.


    In order to provide all the success factors to the Cadets during their scholar course, varied cultural and sports programs are planned according to the internal scholar rules, to guarantee a living environment with all the comfort and entertainment elements, helping to consolidate the motivating factors such as the total caring and scholarship.


    The access to these schools depends on the results of the exam given to the candidates male and female who fulfil the following conditions:

  • The Algerian nationality;
  • Age and scholar diplomas according to the scholar level;
  • The medical examination;
  • Celibacy;
  • The student legal guardian's permission.

  •     Besides this, these schools can host students coming from foreign countries according to the current regulations used within the cooperation between the armies.

        So as to reach the elitism objective, the students of the Cadets of the Nation Schools will benefit of a high training in all fields and this, thanks to the quality of the competent human factor mobilized and the modern pedagogical means existing in these schools and their supervising structure represented by the academic counselling and the pedagogical council in charge of the development and the follow-up of the educational programs provided in this institutions enabling the students to graduate and pass their baccalaureate, then the laureates are directed to continue their training in one of the High Schools of the People's National Army after one year of common basic training at the Military Academy of Cherchell, in order to realize further professionalism to the future officers and to modernize its armed forces.

        The Directorate of the Nation's Cadets Schools of People's National Army opened up the possibility to the pupils girls to join the Nation's Cadet Schools and to finish their studies starting the scholar year 2016-2017.


        This operation comes to close the reform process of People's National Army training apparatus, initiated by the High Command since many years, and which made possible for the women category to join the People's National Army at the level of different Forces Commands, Directors and Services of the MDN and to be promoted to different ranks and held different positions of responsibility.

        What invites satisfaction are the excellent scholar results registered by the Cadets of the Nation on the BEM and BAC examinations, which reflects, firstly, the intense efforts consented on the pedagogical, infrastructural, living, orientation consciousness-raising aspects, and secondly, that strong will that animates the hearts and minds of our young people and our children among Cadets of the Nation, whose results foresee other steady and long steps to be crossed in order to reach the objectives planned by the High Command of the People's National Army for this important educational and training edifice.


    Address: B.P 184 - Alger Gare - Algiers.