Military High School of Information and Communication

Presentation of the School
      Military High School of Information and Communication has vocation to be the military training institution in information and communication, a field that become nowadays a decisive tool in the management and the leadership of modern armies, both in internal side to galvanize the combat potential of the militaries, and in external side towards the entire nation, which represents the foundation and the natural extension of People's National Army, the core which our doctrine of popular defence is structured around.


    In addition to arms profession skills, acquired during the basic training and forces preparation, the values of military ethics, forged thanks to the precious communication tool, by awareness, or even by the continuing training, transcending the combatant and increasing his strength, convinced that he will, by the nobility of his mission and the rightness of the cause for which he fights, be the referential of these values, purely of a communicative nature, and whose principles which have begun to take shape within National Liberation Army, built on the unshakable faith, the love of the homeland, the sense of duty, the spirit of sacrifice, the bravery, the respect for human dignity, the discipline and the perseverance.
    Military High School of Information and Communication, which is provided with qualified teaching staff and a modern pedagogical and material base, is destined to be the appropriate framework to prepare the best communication officers of People's National Army, who will practice in the battle body, in order to forge the conviction of the combatants, to strengthen their determination and to consolidate their faith. In this context, the Military High School of Information and Communication ensure:

  •  Academic high training in information and communication sciences, applied to the military field and accompanied by a general military training;

  •  Military training, including professional military education, continuous military education and high military education;

  •  Specialization training in the field of information and communication technologies and techniques.



Tél: 021-37-70-56