National Preparatory School for Engineering Studies - Chahid Badji Mokhtar

    The national preparatory school for the engineering studies is a light hour and a prominent scientific centre. It is the pride of the military establishment and the symbol of the formative of the popular army.

    It was established by the presidential decree 98-119- 18 april1998 as a public installation of administrative has a moral personality and financial independence, and it's belong to the ministry of national defence, as preparing preparatory work for the cadets of the working officers to join the studies of an engineer in the largest schools of the national people's army, the pedagogy is exercised jauntily by the ministry of the national defence and the ministry of higher education and scientific research.

    The school as an elite school will continue to be an example at all levels and on all levels, because of the processions of young experience and the traditions roots in the roots as stated in the April 2011 issued by you.


    The national preparatory school for the studies of the engineer composed now more than thousand students working of officer, including 185 females distributed in three phases.


    The training within the school is ensured by a mixed faculty of civilian and military personnel with deferent systems co-lecturers of education as a secondary work, contractors and research professors of the school.
    The school is equipped with the most modern pedagogical materials necessary to ensure a qualitative for nation mainly in the following establishment:
  • 50 study hall with a capacity of 24 sets per hall;
  • 08 amphitheatres with a capacity of 72 seats per amphitheatre;
  • 04 amphitheatres with a capacity of 140 seats per amphitheatre;
  • 03 automatic media rooms with a capacity of 24 seats per room;
  • 04 Industrials drawing rooms with a capacity of 24 seats per room;
  • 05 languages laboratories;
  • 03 Multimedia laboratories;
  • 03 laboratories of communication techniques;
  • 27 laboratoires des sciences de l'ingénieur (physique, chimie, mécanique etc.….);
  • A library with a documentary balance of 19060 titles with 71521 copies;
  • A print and copy centre.


        The school pedagogical base reinforced by:
  • Acquisition of new pedagogical equipments for applied technology, engineering laboratories, laboratories of physics and chemistry;
  • Acquisition of twenty (20) digital displays.


        The school has a number of important sports facilities that give it the ability to develop its various sports activities, which includes:
  • Half Olympic swimming pool;
  • Football yard;
  • Athletics track;
  • Roll-in drapes are available for convenience;
  • A multi-sports arena and hall;
  • Body building hall;
  • Gymnasium hall.

  •     Within the frame wore of implementation of sports activities programs within the annual plan approved by the minister of national defence, the head of the national people's army, the school participated in several demonstrations, the school had high grades in some specialities in 2017, as:
  • First place at the hand ball military championship between schools;
  • Second place males and third for girls at the judo military championship;
  • Talking about 2016 the school had the lion part in winning many championships.


        The school has organized to, sports activities that seen a lot of competitors at different ages which include this:
  • National running day of People's National Army;
  • Race "friendship through sports";
  • The run of the number;
  • The anniversary of 1954 revolution;
  • The anniversary of youth and Independence Day;
  • Anniversary of the establishment of the school.

  •     On the other hand, the frame work of application of the circular number 177 made in November 04, 2013 issued by the minister of national defence, the head of the national people's army, aimed at popularising the exercise within the units of the people's national army, is placed at the disposal of the students and the different classes of the school staff outside their working hour it also programmed two weekly classes for.

        Within the frame work of the lectures programmed by the direction of receiving, grooming and guidance in 2017, the school from three lectured lectures by university professors on the topics of the hour in order to inform student about some important international events that have an impact on national life, sensitive lectures are also organized on a regular basis based on the different aspects of the central and regional structures.


        In the other hand, in order to allow students to practice scientific and cultural activities according to their wishes and hobbies, the school has at their disposal the necessary human and material resources in the form of structures and clubs dedicated to this purpose.

        In order to increase and maintain the morale of individuals, the leadership of the directorate changes the necessary efforts to preserve the gains achieved by the various categories of users and create an atmosphere of work and suitable frame work for living through continuous improvement of working conditions.


        All individuals of different categories benefit periodically and the organisation distributed throughout the year at an average of eight days.


        It should be noted that the measures of social nature planned for these last years by, especially those related to public housing a units had a very positive impact on the morale of individuals.

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