Mobilization is the action of requiring the humans, the materials and the services in order to use them in national defense or in case of imperious necessity of public utility. It consists of preparing political, economic, social and military capabilities to respond to the threats, crises and wars that may arise.


    Mobilization may be partial or general and may have a civilian or military character. The purpose of military mobilization is to bring, within the shortest time, the potential of the armed forces of peacetime to the level needed to cope with the threats that may the country be faced.


    Military mobilization relies on mobilizable human resources, called the Reserve, made up of Algerian citizens who have completed the National Service and the active and contractual members of the popular national army in retirement and fulfill certain criteria of health, discipline and age.


    The reservists concerned by the recall have rights in terms of:
  • Pay: they receive the same pay as active members of the same rank and the same level;
  • Preservation of employment: the origin employer organization of the reservist makes all the arrangements for the reintegration of the interested person at its liberation, if necessary in excess.

  •     Any reservist concerned by the recall of his class, which cannot be found because of the omission of a declaration of official change of address, shall be declared unsubmitted and prosecuted as such before the competent territorial military court.


        The mobilization, the duty of everyone, is based on the will, abnegation and sacrifice of the reservists who must respond when the security, independence and integrity of the country are threatened.