Application School of the Marine Troops/ Chahid Ali Bennour /5th MR
Presentation of the school

The Application School of the Marine Troops is located at Jijel, East Maritime Façade/ fifth military region, it was created in the French colonial era of Algeria, in fact the French have established a cavaliers training center, after independence it was transformed into a grouping of the twelfth battalion of the infantry of the national liberation army. Afterwards, the grouping was transformed into a training center then into a technical school of national marine, and then into a school of the marine fusiliers and the divers in 1994.

After the visit of Mr Lieutenant-General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Vice Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of People's National Army the 10th June 2010, the school became “Application School of Marine Troops”.

The training
  • Advanced course training and application training for naval forces career officers in the specialties of the marine troops;
  • Training in the first and second degree professional military test, for noncommissioned career officers of the naval forces;
  • Training in the specialty of naval fusilier, divers for noncommissioned student officers of the second year, after a first year of military training;
  • Military training for noncommissioned contractual student officers of the first year in naval forces;
  • Qualification training (marine commando) for the major contractual sergeants, in the PMC training according to the loading plan;
  • Marine training for the profit of officers and noncommissioned officers of national service;
  • Short long stage for the profit of units related even to naval forces, or to the fifth military region (professional divers, snipers, exploitation of semi-rigid…etc);

Other missions
  • Participation to the struggle against terrorism
  • Establishment of vigilance company, which missions aim to help citizens in case of an eventual natural catastrophe.