The HSNF has a double vocation:

1- Public service:

In order to honor the commitments of Algeria towards the international convention for safeguard of human life in sea, in particular as stipulated in rule 9 in chapter V of SOLAS, the HSFN provides hydrographic general services for the benefit of the users of the sea, in particular to insure a navigation safety, by:

  • Collection, centralization, treatment and diffusion of nautical information related to its area of responsibility.
  • Execution of hydrographic surveys in the maritime spaces that are under national jurisdiction.
  • Elaboration and diffusion of marine maps and nautical engineering.
  • Conservation of hydrographic archives, related to waters that are under national jurisdiction.

2-defense service:

The HSNF provides a support in terms of hydrography, oceanography and marine meteorology in favor of naval forces by:

  • Execution of surveys related to hydrography, oceanography and marine meteorology necessary to naval forces activities.
  • Le recueil, la centralisation, le traitement et la diffusion de l’information Hydro-Océano-Météorologique nécessaire aux Forces Navales.
  • The preservation and the update of marine maps, moreover national and international nautical works that are necessary to naval forces.