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Actualities | 06th March 2024 :

The National Gendarmerie organizes a forum on the reality of drugs in Algeria-legal framework trends and analysis

    On Wednesday, March 06, 2024, Mr the General, Head of Staff of National Gendarmerie, supervised the opening of the activities of the national forum entitled The reality of drugs in Algeria, the legal framework, trends and analysis at the level of the National Institute for Forensic Evidence and Criminology of the National Gendarmerie in Bouchaoui, with the presence of frameworks from the Ministry of national defense, from Home Ministry and local authorities, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of industry and pharmaceutical production, the Ministry of youth and sports, the Ministry of communication, in addition to representatives of the General Directorate of national security and the General Directorate of Customs.


     The National Forum, which lasts for two days, aims to present the reality of drugs in Algeria, the consequences of their consumption on public security, especially those related to traffic accidents, as well as to address the legal framework for drugs and Psychotropic Substances, the reforms introduced in this framework, in addition to the technical capabilities necessary for rapid field detection of these poisons, and the standardization of laboratory detection methods for new Psychoactive Substances " NPS ".


    This forum is considered an opportunity for various stakeholders in this field to learn about the reality of drugs in our country, as a result of the significant transformations and changes that have occurred on the criminal map of these poisons in Algeria, in terms of their quality and quantities circulating in the national addiction market, the degree of their danger, the multiplicity of sources and the degree of their spread and consumption. Also, during this event work, the shortcomings recorded at all levels, especially legal and technical ones, had been highlighted, with the aim of unifying comprehensive multidimensional action plans that allow the technical-operational response to illegal drug trafficking.



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