National Gendarmerie
Judicial Police
Activity report of the National Gendarmerie units for the year 2020
     During the year 2020, the crime increased in the number of cases handled (505.272), where the fight against criminal networks constituted a main line of effort, which allowed the dismantling of 743 criminal associations and the handling of important cases in the fight against corruption, the illegal transfer of capital abroad and the squandering of public funds.
     Also, the fight against drug trafficking has led to the seizure of 62,994 tonnes of Kif treated and 1.800.096 tablets of psychotropic drugs, by dragnets, leading to the neutralization of 147 drug trafficking networks.

     On the other hand, the units specializing in the protection of minors managed to reintegrate 688 minors into their family circles. A figure that has increased by 35% compared to 2019, which represents an additional indicator of the performance of these units.
     Furthermore, the preservation of the environment and tranquility were at the center of the units' activities. To this end, 278.497 cases relating to attacks on special laws were proceeded , including 3.751 offenses dealt with by the environmental protection cells and 53 cases noted by the cells dealing with attacks on cultural property, having enabled the recovery of 280 archaeological artefacts belonging to different historical periods, including 25 counterfeit artefacts.
     In essence, this activity report, which represents the concretization of the action plan of the National Gendarmerie Command, is qualified as positive. The results were achieved thanks to the improvement of security coverage following the creation of new units and the strengthening of security, especially along the borders, as well as the sacrifices and efforts made by all the personnel of the National Gendarmerie to overcome the challenges and to live up to the confidence that our nation and our citizens grant them.