National Gendarmerie
Road security
    The National Gendarmerie action in the field of road safety is based on two main components, namely, road prevention (control of the road network, regulation of road traffic and sentizing work) and the fight against road unsafety.
    In this context, the National Gendarmerie carries out its road police missions on approximately 85% of the national road network.
National Gendarmerie structures and units activating in the field of road safety
  • National Gendarmerie central structures (Road Safety Division, the National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, Road Information and Coordination Center, Research and Development Center).
  • National Gendarmerie air formations.
  • National Gendarmerie territorial Squadrons of Road Safety.
  • National Gendarmerie Highway Platoons.
  • National Gendarmerie Road Safety Sections.
  • National Gendarmerie Road Safety Brigades.
  • National Gendarmerie Territorial Brigades and other units.

Missions of National Gendarmerie road safety units
  • The monitoring of roads and lines of communication.
  • The control of road users.
  • The exercise of the police missions of the road traffic.
  • The fight against road-related crime, along the entire road network, highways and express roads, in order to protect people and their properties, infrastructures and goods of the national community.
In terms of surveillance : The road safety units are responsible for:
  • Monitor public roads open to vehicular traffic.
  • Monitor persons and properties on public roads open to the circulation of vehicles and their surroundings and the facilities that depend on them.
  • Ensure the permanent presence of the National Gendarmerie on public roads open to the circulation of vehicles and their surroundings to ensure the regulation and fluidity of road traffic.
  • Use the services provided on public roads open to the circulation of vehicles and their surroundings to ensure surveillance of people and goods therein and the related facilities.
In terms of prevention : The road safety units of the National Gendarmerie are responsible for:
  • Ensure the free movement on the lines of communication.
  • Ensure the permanent control of the road traffic.
  • Develop and promote education and awareness actions on the road dangers for the benefit of road users.
  • Check the conformity of documents and vehicles.
In terms of information :
  • Inform about the physical conditions of public roads open to the circulation of vehicles and their surroundings.
  • Inform about the conditions of the road signs equipment.
  • Inform about the conditions of road safety equipment.
  • Inform about measures to improve the safety of users.
  • Make proposals likely to garantee the safe use of the road and road traffic flow.
In terms of assistance and relief :
  • provide help and assistance to troubled road users.
  • Undertake any useful action with the different partners to coordinate interventions during road accidents.
  • Restore road traffic when disturbed.
In terms of organization of the main roads : The road safety units participate in the organization of the road traffic during the passage of convoys and delegations.
In response to traffic accidents :
  • The reception of the alerts and their retransmission to the rescue organizations.
  • Protection of properties belonging to victims of road traffic accidents.
  • The recording of traffic accidents and the retransmission of the relevant minutes to the authorities concerned within time limits.
In terms of repression :
  • To report violations related to the road traffic rules.
  • Investigate and record offenses related to the rules of land transportation activity of persons and goods.
  • To stop and report offenses related to the exercise of judicial, administrative and military police, committed on roads and their surroundings.
The main laws and regulations in force in the field of road safety
  • Law N°01-13 of August 7th 2001, on orientation and organization of road transport, modified and supplemented.
  • Law N°01-14 of August 19th 2001, on organization and safety of the road traffic, modified and supplemented.
  • Executive decree n° 04-381 of Chaoual 15th 1425 corresponds at November 28th 2004 fixing the road traffic regulations, modified and supplemented.
  • Order N°09-03 of the Radjab 29th 1430 corresponds at July 22nd 2009, amends and supplements the law N°01-14, on organization and safety of the road traffic.
  • Law N°17-05 of Djoumada Awwal 19th 1438 corresponds at February 16th 2017, amends and supplements the law N°19 01-14, on organization and safety of the road traffic.
    In addition to other executive decrees and orders.