National Gendarmerie
Road security
Activity report of the National Gendarmerie units for the year 2021
     In the area of road safety, which is a priority for both public authorities and citizens, the National Gendarmerie secures and controls nearly 85% of the road network and regularly readapts its systems on the field, fostering a mobile, active presence, in particular a preventive one, and a judicious use of technical and aerial means, as well as an optimal occupation in time and space of the communication channels.
     These actions were supported by a set of complementary links, including, among other things, expertise, scientific examinations and studies, training of specialized personnel and communication and awareness-raising actions, carried out daily in the field and also via SMS and on social media.
     These efforts made it possible to record an improvement in the main indicators of road safety for the year 2020, where the units of the National Gendarmerie recorded a total of 7,186 accidents, having resulted in 2,643 deaths and 11,479 injuries.