National Gendarmerie
The green number 1055
     The National Gendarmerie Command has implemented for citizens a free number 10-55, it permits them to contact easily the different services of the National Gendarmerie. This number is accessible via all national telephone operators fixed and mobile.

     This listening and support platform reflects the commitment of the National Gendarmerie Command, through the combined effort of all its units, to constantly contribute to answering the calls of the citizens, as part of its action of proximity and presence on the ground 24h/24 et 7day/7.

     Through the adoption by the citizen of this offered service, the citizen contributes actively to his own safety, advancing the culture of prevention and security.

     Since the introduction of the green number 1055 on February 05th, 2011, until march 31st, 2024, almost 16 millions and 42 thousand calls, have been recorded, resulting in more than 659 thousand interventions by field units that led to the arrest of criminals in flagrante delicto.