National Gendarmerie

Actualities | 10th January 2022 :

Organization of a national awareness campaign for road accidents prevention in case of bad weather.

     In support of efforts and measures to ensure safe and secure traffic for all road users, especially during the period of inclement weather, which can lead, in the absence of awareness and necessary preventive measures, which help to fit the meteorological fluctuations, to exacerbate the traffic insecurity phenomenon, the road users must be accompanied by a continuous sensitizing to prevent against the risks of the road accidents related to the bad weather.


     Within this context, the National Gendarmerie Command is organizing an awareness campaign across all the wilayas of the country under the slogan " By respecting the Highway Code, you protect yourself and others" from December 26th , 2021 to January 15th , 2022, to support the various categories of drivers throughout this period and raise awareness against the consequences of road accidents on one side, and strengthen confidence between the National Gendarmerie and the citizen on the other side, in order to ensure road safety during the seasonal bad weather.


     Through this campaign, the efforts made focus on:
- The measures to be observed during the bad whether period.
- Speeding and dangerous overtaking.
- Dangerous maneuvers and traffic on the left lane.
- Failure to respect the safety distance.
- The use of the mobile phone while driving.
- The regular checking of the vehicles (wipers, lights, condition of the wheels ...).
- The non-use of the seat belt.


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