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Actualities | 23rd February 2022 :

The Brigadier General, Chief of Staff of the National Gendarmerie, chairs the opening ceremony of the first National Seminar on «the various forms of economic and financial criminality and the ways to face them»

     On February 23, 2022, The Brigadier General, Chief of Staff of the National Gendarmerie, chaired, the opening of the activities of the first national seminar on " the various forms of economic and financial criminality and the ways to face them ", held in the National Army Club at Beni Messous (Algiers), in the presence of officers and frameworks representatives of the Ministry for National Defense, of the Forces Commands, of National Gendarmerie Command, of the Republican Guard, of the National People’s Army Higher Schools, the representatives of the Ministry for the Higher education and Scientific Research, of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of trade, representatives of the General Directorate of National Security and the General Directorate of Customs, representatives of General Directorate of Taxes and the National Authority for the Prevention and the Fight against Corruption as well as other national authorities activating in this field, Universities and National Higher Schools Directors, faculties deans and with the participation of professors and university researchers from various universities of the country. The National Gendarmerie staff will also attend this seminar via remote videoconference at the National Gendarmerie headquarters, the Regional Commands and the National Gendarmerie Training Schools.


     This two days seminar draws its importance from the fact that economic and financial criminality, especially cross-border and emerging ones, is one of the most difficult challenges confronted by society and the state, as well as considering its effects on various aspects and several sectors. Consequently, the seminar aims to:
  • Understand the reality of economic and financial criminality in our country from different angles.
  • Identify the ways and means to face and combating this criminality, by underlining the active elements efforts in this field.
  • Find effective mechanisms to limit or reduce the repercussions of economic and financial criminality.


     The effective response to this criminal pattern begins by studying it under various angles and unifying the actors efforts in this field, that what the National Gendarmerie Command sought to achieve by organizing this seminar, which brings together academics and professional, whose common point between them is achieving integration in the execution of the tasks according to the competence of each body or institution, as well as seeking to lay solid foundations for a comprehensive national vision which takes into account the priority of societal and economic security for Algeria.


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