National Gendarmerie

Actualities | 23rd May 2022 :

Organization of a National Seminar on preventing and combating child delinquency .

     The Brigadier General, Chief of Staff of the National Gendarmerie, chaired, on May 23rd 2022, the opening of the national seminar activities, entitled "preventing and combating child delinquency ", at the National Gendarmerie Command headquarters, in the presence of the National Commissioner for Child Protection, officers and frameworks representatives from the Ministry for National Defense, of Justice, from Ministry for the Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ministry of Professional Training and Education, Ministry of National Solidarity , Family and Women Issues, the president of the National Commission for the Childhood Protection and Promotion, the president of the National Commission for Health Promotion and Research Development, as well as representatives of the General Directorate of National Security , and university professors specializing in delinquency prevention.


     The activities of this seminar aim to present the phenomenon from the conceptual, legal and criminological aspects, to enhance the cooperation means between the various national structures active in this field, in order to combat all forms of childhood delinquency, as well as to prevent them, especially by coordinating the control methods between the concerned sectors and drawing up effective recommendations that ensure definite children protection.



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