National Gendarmerie

Actualities | 23rd June 2022 :

The class graduation of the National Gendarmerie for the 2021/2022 school year.

     Brigadier General YAHIA ALI OUELHADJ, Commander of the National Gendarmerie, presided over on this date of June 23, 2022 the graduation ceremony for the officers of the National Gendarmerie from the National Gendarmerie higher school of Zéralda, the martyr “Mouaz M 'hamed”. The outgoing promotions were named after the hero martyr “ Abou Abed “.
     The outgoing classes who have successfully completed their training bring together eight (08) categories of National Gendarmerie officers from different specialties and levels of training. It is:
     - The twenty-fifth (25) class of staff courses in National Gendarmerie specialization;
     - The seventh (07) class of staff courses in logistics specialization;
     -The fourth (04) class of master of criminal sciences;
     - The first (01) class of master of fight against economic and financial crime;
     - The sixty-one (61) class of perfection courses;
     - The third (03) class of specialized courses for officers;
     - The fifty-fifth (55) class of specialized courses for officer cadets;
     - The fourth (04) class of active officer cadets “third year LMD" degree in Law and Public Security.


     During this ceremony, Brigadier General, Commander of the National Gendarmerie inspected the various outgoing classes then, He honored the top of the classes in presence of the guests of honor and the ceremony ended with a military exhibition during which the outgoing officers showed a great mastery and a perfect harmony which reflect the high level of their training.


     The National Gendarmerie Command attaches great importance to the training which it considers as the basis of any progress and success in the accomplishment of the missions assigned to the institution in maintaining order and public security and which revolve primarily around the protection of people and property. However, this would only be possible through highly qualified personnel whose skills translate into a very good knowledge of laws and regulations and a perfect mastery of modern means and techniques to fight crime in all its forms.
     The different types and levels of training aim to prepare officers of the National Gendarmerie, through all phases of their career, in order to master professional knowledge and be imbued with patriotic values and military principles with full respect for human rights. They meet the specific requirements of the profession, with the aim of making lawmen mastering the art of leadership, distinguished by their probity, serving their country and at the height of the expectations of citizens.
     The outgoing officers who will reinforce the ranks of the National Gendarmerie are driven by a great will and a strong determination to accomplish their sacred mission which is none other than the defense of the homeland and the protection of the citizen and his property with dedication and loyalty.
     At the end of this ceremony, the family of the hero martyr " Abou Abed " was honored by the Brigadier General, commander of the National Gendarmerie who affirmed that the naming of the outgoing promotions after this martyr of the glorious liberation war is a recognition of the our valiant martyrs sacrifices, a celebration of their memory and a reminder of the heroic role they played in the liberation of our dear country.


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