National Gendarmerie
Reproduction and cyno-Technical Center of National Gendarmerie

History of the center
    The National Gendarmerie includes from its creation the use of police dogs on the performance missions. From its beginning, it imposes its presence in the importance of its exploitation on research and Judicial investigation, and also giving help during catastrophic events and system service. As a Result it becomes a necessary tool on the setting of Material Evidence during investigation. This cyno-Technical domain passed by many Processes; the important one is:
  • 1964: The opening of the first center of training of dogs in Blida. The first graduate of a Gendarme cyno-technical.
  • 1987: Reviewing on the cyno-Technical system in National Gendarmerie, and creation of New cyno-Technical groups.
  • 2007: the whole coverage of the National territorial by the cyno-Technical elements.
  • 2011: The center expends its missions and becomes the supervisor on the reproduction process (production, education, Qualification).
  • 2015: Specialized training of the veterinary staff (Veterinary doctors) of the corps of the National Gendarmerie on the speciality of Surgery and Photography by the Rayons of Dogs reproduction.

cynotechnic training
1.For the Category Auxiliary Gendarmes: It obtains 02 Certificates:
a. The cyno-Technical Qualification Certificate.
b. Military Professional Qualification 2nd degree Cino-Technical.
2. For the category of Non-Commissioned Officers: This category benefits from 05 training which are:
a. The Practical cyno-Technical Certificate.
b. Military Professional Qualification Certificate 1st degree cyno-Technical.
c. Military Professional Qualification 1st degree cyno-Technical Trainer.
d. Military Professional Qualification 1st degree Trainer cyno-Technical.
e. Military Professional Qualification cyno-Technical Certificate 2nd degree cyno-Technical Trainer.