National Gendarmerie
The school of Non-Commissioned Officers at Setif the Martyr Khababa Abd Wahed

     The school of Non-Commissioned Officers was created at Setif Martyr Khababa Adde El Waheb according to the Fifth Plan of development (1989-1985) at a place called Ain Roman which was located near to a tap building at The Roman Period in this region. In Awled Saber Town, City Gujel far from the city of Setif 8 Kilometer.
     From 1991, the school started to establish the basic military and specialized training for the Non-Commissioned contractor trainees.
     But until 2000; it was changed of the specialized training for Non-Commissioned contractor trainees second year, from the Military Professional Qualification N 02 Territorial and other training in the administrative management.
     The school Also aims under the logo(i study to help my country) to develop the method of training in order to improve the performance of individuals of their future work.
    That’s done by entering the modern educational methods of training, the continuous training for trainers, by using the modern audio-visual equipment in order to follow the actualities. Especially on Judiciary Police, the research and investigation domains besides studying the foreign languages.
     Furthermore it cares to the opening mind on the outside environment, by receiving lectures teachers from the university of Setif and from other administrave institutions (civilian or military) in order to present a lecture and evaluate the course for the trainees of school.
     The goal of training is to teach the trainees the new professional knowledge which helps them to improve their cultural levels. in order to be ready for adapting the professional environment in order to provide a specific and qualitive performance in their field.

Training provided at this school
     This school watches out to train and graduate many promotions from Non-Commissioned contractor second year and trainees after doing the period of training in their specialities:
  • Military Professional Qualification 1st degree (Administration) Judiciary Qualification.
  • Military Professional Certificate 2nd degree (Administration).
  • Military Professional Qualification 2nd degree Territorial (Woman).
     According to the framework of the training policy, the school works at the application of educational methods, by exploiting all the material human possibilities and the pedagogical tools, which deals with the goals of the training. In order to prepare individuals training needs in moral, physical and ethical domains.