National Gendarmerie
The Higher School of National Gendarmerie in Zeralda
    After the independence the first school of forming officers of National Gendarmerie.
    Was created and called the school of territorial gendarmerie .It was located at Beni Messous. In 1968 It Was Transferred to El Harrach; then in 1970 it retransferred From El Harrach to Sedi-Bel Abebes .It was transferred an other time to Isser wilaya of Boumerdes in 1978.
    It was called the school of officers of National Gendarmerie. In 1992 it was promoted to higher school.In 2016 it was also transferred from Isser to Zeralda, wilaya of Algiers.

1. Basic training: it lasts (04) years including:
  • One year of basic military training at the military academy of Cherchel.
  • Three years of university and military training to obtain a university degree (law and public security bachelor's degree).
2. Specialized training: it lasts one year after which the officier will obtain a certificate of specialized training (National Gendarmerie).
3. Officers development course.
4. Master in criminal sciences: this training which last two consecutive years is intended primarily for officers graduated from university (a bachelor's degree), who are selected on the basis of a contest supervised by university teachers. At the end of the training, the officer will obtain a university degree (master in criminal sciences).
5. Command course of the staff (National Gendarmerie and logistics).
6. Training of national service officers.