National Gendarmerie
Brigades of minors protection
The field of the fight against juvenile delinquency
     Violence against children under the age of 18 is a universal phenomenon that is killing millions of people around the world. This phenomenon, which is not recent, involves abuse of this vulnerable class of society, including physical, sexual and moral violence. To this end, it is nowadays one of the concerns of the public authorities.
     As part of the fight against the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency and the protection of minors victims of all forms of violence, the National Gendarmerie Command strengthened the control mechanism, through the etablishment in 2005 of three (03) specialized cells called "Cells of Juvenile Delinquency "established in the wilayas of Algiers, Oran and Annaba, this plan was reinforced with twenty three (23) other units became" Brigades of Protection of Minors " since 2011.

  • Provide surveillance of environments frequented by minors to prevent them from any moral or physical danger.
  • Sensitize the minors on the risks of deviance and the consequences that they incur as a result of their behavior, as well as on any incivility committed by others towards them.
  • Investigate and observe any violation of the laws and regulations governing the field of minors protection.
  • Participate in judicial investigations conducted by the territorial or specialized units of the National Gendarmerie, when minors are involved.

     The staff of the Child Protection Brigades benefited from a training entitled "Social Mediation Agent" at the National Training Center for Specialized Personnel (NTCSP) in Birkhadem, under the Ministry of Solidarity and Family and the Status of Women and aimed at consolidating and enriching the professional knowledge of trainees in the protection of minors, by inculcating effective and objective working methods, adapted to the nature of juvenile delinquency in Algeria.
     This training also allowed the gendarmes to be impregnated with this kind of deviance and its different forms in order to be able to contribute later, to put in place effective methods of fight. Also, the Protection of Minors Brigades were reinforced by the recruitment of female gendarmes, who received training on sign language at the level of the CNFPS, for the care of deaf and mute minors.

Missions assigned to the Protection Brigades of Minors
    As such, the National Gendarmerie Minor Protection Brigade is a listening and outreach entity whose vocation is to prevent any delinquency against minors or committed by them. It is responsible for:
1. At the preventive level
     The Minors Protection Brigades are in charge of the detection of risky behavior, the social integration of minors at moral risk, the sensitization of young people in coordination with the specialized organisms, in particular schools, youth houses, associations of youth and mass media, as well as participation in seminars and study days on juvenile delinquency.
2. At the law enforcement level
     The repressive role of the Juvenile Protection Brigades is to ascertain criminal acts committed by minors or against minors, to participate in investigations in which a minor is involved, to provide assistance to investigators in order to guide them and to adopt the scientific and educational methods devoted to social psychology, as well as the legislative and regulatory provisions governing the field of juvenile delinquency. In this context, the action of the National Gendarmerie tends to protect the minor and repress, at any time and anywhere, anything that could affect his safety and integrity.
     In addition, and for the sake of complementarity and coherence, the National Gendarmerie Minor Protection Brigade exercises its missions in coordination with the territorial units of the National Gendarmerie and the specialized organizations, particularly schools, youth centers and youth associations.