National Gendarmerie
Air Formations
    The use of the National Gendarmerie helicopters constitutes an effective means for backing and supporting the operational units during carrying out their missions.

  • In administrative police field:
    • General surveillance (coastline, mountains, desert, forests, bodies of water and borders).
    • Particular surveillance of road traffic, road conditions and road lines.
    • Participation in securing the roads used by the official processions.
    • Participation in securing routes used by convoys for the transport of sensitive products and hazardous materials.
    • Help and assistance interventions during natural calamities (flood, earthquake ...) and disasters(fire, pollution,...).
    In judicial police field:
    • Participation in the search and prosecution of criminals.
    • Rapid transportation of investigators and materials.
    regarding missions:
    • Participation in air search and rescue (SAR).
    • Participation in the transport of medical teams, relief, medicines and food for people in distress.