National Gendarmerie
Border Guard Units
Creation and development
     Under the authority of the National Defense Minister, the corps of border guards was created in 1977. It was attached to the National Gendarmerie Command in 1991. Its name was changed from the corps of border guards to the command of the border guards units.
  1. At the central level
    • Command of Border Guard Units.
  3. At the regional level
    • Regional Circumscriptions of the Border Guards.
  5. At the local level
    • Border Guard groupings.
    • Border Guard squadrons deployed in outposts.


    The missions of the border guard units, in the area of defense and police, are:
  1. At the defense side
    • Permanent surveillance of border areas.
    • Gathering and transmission of information of any kind for the benefit of the military authority.
    • Observation and detection of any incursion likely to affect the security of borders.
    • Ristriction and neutralization any movement tending to undermine border security.
    • Preservation of the field elements materializing the boundaries.
  3. At the borders police side
    • The control of persons and properties circulating in the border area.
    • fithing and repression:
      • Illegal immigration.
      • Cross-border organized crime.
      • Smuggling in all its forms.