National Gendarmerie
The school of Non-Commissioned Officers at Sidi Belabbes
Presentation and creation of the school
     This school is one of the promoted Training Institution of National Gendarmerie; It was established after the independence, just on october 1962 at Algiers , It was transferred on december in the same year to Sarnou Valley near to Sidi Bel Abbes .It was the first school of National Gendarmerie of the National Gendarmerie.

     It also conjoined the first sections of mobile Gendarmerie. This school contains 03 barracks:
  • The Barrack of The Martyr Moustapha Ben Masabih.
  • The barracks of the martyr The Lieutenant Amara Ben Dahou.
  • The barracks of The Martyr Of Arebi Ben Mahedi.

     In April 1963, The Command of National Gendarmerie decided to create school of Territorial Gendarmerie at Sidi BelAbbes where graduated the first promotion of the Gendarmerie in March 1964.
     In 1997 the school was given the mission of perfectioning training for Non-Commissioned Officers, and in the same year it was created the training of driving center in its different categories of military driving.
     In 1998 the school was given also the technical training of the different National Gendarmerie units around the National Territorial.
Training provided at this school
  • Training of Military Professional Qualification 1st degree Material, specialty: vehicule technical (02 sessions).
  • Military Professional Qualification 2nd degree Territorial.
  • Military Professional Qualification 2nd degree Security Roads.
  • Military Professional Qualification 2nd degree vehicles on wheels mechanical and electronic equipment.
The training of different categories of military driving licence
  1. Category(A): Light weight for non-commissioned officers trainees.
  2. Category(E): For non-commissioned officers trainees, security road domains.
  3. Category(A,B): Light and heavy weight for the different National Gendarmerie units.