National Gendarmerie
Railway brigades

     Railways Brigade of the National Gendarmerie is a specialized unit, witch carries out the tasks of judicial police, administrative police and military police, in railway stations and inside passenger trains.
     The National Gendarmerie created (09) brigades of railways (Algiers, Blida, Chlef, Constantine, Annaba, Bordj Bou-Arreridj, Oran, Mascara and Bechar).
     National Gendarmerie Railways Brigade is in charge of:
  • To escort passenger trains and to intervene in accordance with the laws and the regulations in force, in the field of judicial police, administrative police and military police.
  • To Protect people and properties on the train.
  • To assist the train support agents in order to preserve public order within the stations and to carry out, in particular, identity checks of passengers when the situation requires it.
  • To Arrest the offending persons.
  • To hand over the arrested persons as well as the statements of the victims, witnesses and seized objects to the nearest National Gendarmerie Territorial Brigade.

     It should be noted that the trains escort Gendarmes intervene in the respect of the regulations of railway exploitation, also the railways Brigade exercises its missions in coordination with the national company of the rail transport and the territorial units of the National Gendarmerie concerned by the course of the train.