National Gendarmerie
Special detachment of intervention
    The DSI is an elite, operational and formative unit. created in 1989 in accordance with the presidential decree, it was established for the purpose of carrying out special actions, including the fight against crime and organized crime.
     It includes in its ranks, militaries with high professional qualifications, specialized in the intervention, VIP protection, technical support of units, observation and research, the detection and neutralization of explosive devices. Since its creation, it participated in sensitive and complex operations, allowing its elements to acquire skills and experience, enabling them to accomplish different missions.
    The DSI is under the direct authority of the National Gendarmerie Commander. It intervenes throughout the national territory.

    The DSI/GN is responsible, within the framework of the judicial police missions, to maintain and restore the public order and to carry out operations of:
  • Fight against banditry.
  • Counter-terrorism.
  • Neutralization of particularly dangerous individuals;
  • High risk arrests.
  • Transfer of particularly dangerous individuals.
  • Fight against acts of piracy, air, sea and hostage taking.
  • The neutralization of mutinies in prisons.
  • Securing transport aircraft in flight.
  • The close protection of high personalities.

  • Basic and specialized traning for the benefit of the DSI elements and National Gendarmerie units.
  • Specialized training for the benefit of elite units elements of People’s National Army.
  • Specialized training for the benefit of foreingners (similar units).
  • Training for the benefit of penal institutions