This period spread out from the 3rd century B.C till the 6th century A.D. It is represented by the geo-historicmap of The Unified Numidia 152 B.C-23 B.C , this Kingdom was divided into two parts:

    In The East: The Kingdom of the Massyles, its capital Cirta. It was unified by king Massinissa 238-148 B.C.Numidia knew its most fine days under the administration of this famous military chief. He was also the initiator of the educational and economic system and coinage.

    In The West: The Kingdom of the Massasyles, its capital Siga (today called Ain-Temouchent) its king Syphax213-203 B.C, the visitor can recognize these kings through statues, busts and coins, such as Syphax, Massinissa, Micipsa 198- 118 B.C Jugurtha118-105 B.C, Juba the First 60-46 B.C, the last Numidian king. There is also Juba the Second.

    The visitor can admire the oil painting of the Numidian Horsemen and the siege of Cirta and the battle of Zama. The model of Lambèsea military camp, is exposed. It was built during the Roman period in the 3rd century. It was a military base intended for protecting the Roman interests and oppressing popular revolts. Another statue representing a Numidian warrior with his gear is also exposed.