After these popular revolts, the National Movement played an important role in increasing public awareness and claiming for self-determination.

    According to the historians, the Emir Khaled ben Hicham, the grandson of the Emir Abdelkader, was the leader of the Popular National Movement.

    A new generation of militants had been organized into political parties. The first formation was the North African Star "l'Etoile Nord Africaine" founded in March 1926, which laid claim to the rights of the Northern Africans. Despite its dissolution by the colonizer, the members and the adherents kept faithful to this party which gave birth to a new party which was the Algerian Peoples's Party "Parti du PeupleAlgérien" on the 11th of March 1937, created by Messali El-Hadj. Then appeared the Movement for Triumph of Democratic Liberties "Mouvement de Triomphe des LibertésDémocratiques" in 1947 to lead out to the interdictions of the political activities of the "P.P.A". Then came the party called the Manefesto"LeManifeste" created by Ferhat Abbas. We also find the Oulema's Association "Association des UlémasMusulmans" created on the 5th of May 1931 by Abdelhamidben Badis.

    The political militancy of the National Movement had played an important part in sensitizing the national conscience thanks to its mobilization acts and its writings in newspapers and in independent reviews of the different formations of the National Movement.

    This period is distinguished by the bloody events of May 8, 1945. At this date a peaceful demonstration was organized. Its aim was independence. Unfortunately, 45000 people were killed in Sétif, Guelma and Kherrata.

    Photos of the slaughter were taken during the demonstration. They are real proof of what had been done by the French army. The first martyr was a little scout boy named SaâlBouzid.

    Those slaughters were a motivation for the Algerian people. For, just nine years later the world came to witness one of the greatest revolutions in the history of humanity against imperialism.