This period is known by specific events in the Algerian military history. The popular resistance spread all over the country against the French occupation and colonization.

    In the west EmirAbdelkader, the son of Mahieddine fought for the freedom of his country, for fifteen years. Oil Paintings of two glorious and famous battlesare exhibited in the museum: the battle of Khengue-Ennetah in 1832 and El-Maktaa in 1835.

    After the defeat of Mascara and Tagdaimt, Emir Abdelkader founded the mobile capital called ( LaSmala1841).The model of his capital is well designed and exhibited in the Museum, as well as a geohistorical map which shows the great march of Emir Abdelkader from 1832 until 1847 during which so many glorious battles and events took place. Moreover, there is the authentic flag of Abdelkader's army and some treaties that were signed between him and the French army: the treaty of Desmichel 1834. The presents offered to his highness (a rifle and a sword) are also exhibited.

    In the same period, and in the East, Ahmed Bey defended Constantine.In the museum there is an oil painting which shows the courage of the inhabitants of this region. In addition to, some documents about the French expedition of 1836.