Vice-minister of National Defense, Chief of staff of the People' National Army, Lieutenant-General Ahmed Gaïd Salah inaugurated, on the 29th of October 2014 the gallery of the People' National Army in the Central Museum of the Army which exhibits in its every nook and cranny the different Commands of Forces, Directorates, Services and Schools of the People' National Army.

    The gallery, of the People' National Army, includes testimonies of the evolution of the People' National Army like the installations and modern technological equipment, pictures, models, maps and uniforms. All these are exhibited in the different nooks and crannies of the gallery of the People' National Army, representing the different Commands: Land Forces Command, Naval Forces Command, Air Forces Command, Territory Air Defense Forces Command, National Gendarmerie Command, Republican Guard Command. In addition, to the Directorates and Central Services of the People' National Army and Schools, the Directorate of the National Service, the Central Directorate of Equipment, the Central Directorate of Supply, Directorate of Signals and Computer Systems, Central Directorate of Military Health Services, Directorate of Communication, Information and Orientation, Central Directorate of Military Sport, Central Directorate of Fuel, National Institute of Cartography and Remote Sensing and the National Centre of Military Archives.

    This gallery is, also, dedicated to the high schools, following the example of The Military Academy of Cherchell, the Directorate of the Nation's Cadets Schools, the National Preparatory School to Engineering Studies and the Polytechnic Military School.