The visitor is attracted by amap which shows the different stages of the Islamic conquests of North Africa.
  • Okba ben Nafaa's conquest 670-674
  • Moussa ben Noussair's conquest 704-711

    The museum exposes also models and statues of the founders of the Islamic states in Algeria:

  • Rostomide State 776-908: the first state founded in Algeria was, by Abderrahmane ben Rostom, in 776. His bust and a model of his capital, Tihert(Tiaret) in 909 represents perfectly this epoch.
  • Ziride State 972-1160:Ziri benMenad was the founder of this state. His capital was Achir in the east of Ksar-El-Boukhari in the mountains of Titteri, then El-Kairouan. This epoch is represented by a statue of the leader of this state with its military uniform.
  • HammaditeState 1014-1152:The founder of this state was Hammad ben Bologhine 1028 and KalaaBeni-Hammad (model) was his first capital, then came Naceria,Bejaia, this state knew a great cultural, economic and architectural development.
  • Almoravide State1061-1147: the founder of this state was Youssef ben Techfine, his state spread out from Morocco to Algeria, while his reign lasted for 67 years.
  • Almohade State 1121-1269: The founderof this state was Abdelmoumène ben Ali, known for his political genius and his military experience; he managed to unify the Arabian Maghreb. The decline of the Zirideand Hammadite state in Algeria, Ziride and Badisside state in Tunisia and Almoravide statein Morocco, enabled Almohade state to be the most powerful one in the Mediterranean sea. This period illustrates the Almohade's victory against the king of the Castile, Alphonso VIII, in the battle of Alarcos.
  • Zianide state 1235-1554:Tlemcen was its capital. It became one of the greatest Islamic states in North Africa, and spread out from the city of Saîdain the East to Oued-Melouiain the West, the founder of this state was Ziane, the father of Yaghmoracen ben Ziane1235-1283.

    This period is represented by:
  • The bust of Yaghmoracen ben Ziane (the founder of Zianide state)
  • The model of KalaaHonain (military harbour)
  • The model of Kalaa El–Mechouar.The museum exposes some flags and arms of this period such as swords, bucklers, arches, helmets and two types of catapults.

    The museum exposes some flags and weapons of this period such as swords, bucklers, arches, helmets and two types of catapults.