The period between 1514-1830 is considered to be of great importance in the history of Algeria. During the first part of this period, Algeria underwent a considerable economic and military weakness. So calling–up the Ottoman Empire was an inevitable fact.

    The latter did not refuse to help the Islamic state since the Islam religion was the single common factor. Both brothers Arudj and Kheireddine Barberousse played a significant role in liberating Algeria from the Spanish occupation. They brought with them prosperity to Algiers and thanks to them that the Algerian fleet became a great power dominating all the Mediterranean sea and East of the Atlantic ocean .

    In the gallery, there is a model of Bejaia which was under the Spanish domination since 1512 until its liberation, by Salah Bey, in 1555.

    Copies of treaties between Algeria and some countries are exposed:
  • Algerian-English treaty 1662
  • Algerian-Spanish treaty 1791
  • Algerian-American treaty 1795
    There are also the oil paintings that represent the battle of Jijel in 1664, the liberation of the Fort of Mers-El-Kebir in 1791 from the Spanish occupation, the battle against the Portuguese in 1802, against the British in 1815, against the Dutch in 1868 and finally the battle of Navarino in 1827.

    In the same gallery, there is a detailed map of the different military operations carried out by the Algerian fleet into seas and oceans, and there is also one of standards of the Algerian fleet:
  • Standard of command
  • Standard of an admiral chief of the fleet.
  • Standard of the general command "El Kapoudane Bacha"

    There are also the models of some forts such as the fort of Tamentfoust, the fort of Moulay Hassan Pacha and the fort of Mers El-Kebir in Oran.

    In the museum a gallery is reserved for displaying different arms and uniforms of the Algerian Navy.

    At Last, one can find the painting which narrates The fan Slap of Dey Hussein to the French general consul in April 23rd, 1827 which was a pretext used by the French to send an expedition against Algeria in 1830.